Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Free Kick soccer Players In The World

David Beckham
Having highly accurate free kick and curved, so-called Beckham is the best free kick taker in the world today. The secret behind the kick is so accurate and curved located at the position while taking the kick that is very skewed. Becks is extrem Kemiringinan body so vulnerable to injury.

Alessandro Del Pierro
Alessandro Del Piero has scored higher instincts, but it also has a Del Piero free kick accuracy and technique are excellent.

Roberto Carlos
Carlos possessed kick at speeds in excess of 169 km / h, so often scored from long distance, but it also has other features Carlos. Can generate the highly curved free kick, and also loud!

Andrea Pirlo
Having potition ball very well, and kick Pirlo is not tight but it is directed that the key to shut off free kick from Pirlo.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Having a hard free kick reached by the goalkeeper, dived and toned. It is said that Ronaldo free kick find this style was inspired by the movement of ping pong balls.

Juninho Pernambucano
Juninho Pernambucano known as (born January 30, 1975 in Recife) is a Brazilian midfielder who plays the body 179 cm and 40 appearances and scored 4 goals per July 1, 2006. He played for Olympique Lyonnais and deliver the club championship 7 times are respectively Ligue 1 with her friends at the club. In the 2006 World Cup he scored one goal during Brazil's 4-1 win over Japan.

Steven Gerrard
Steven George Gerrard (born in Whiston, England, May 30, 1980, age 32 years) is a soccer player from England and played at the club Liverpool. He has a hard free kick straight and inclined towards the opponent's goal. The style is similar to a free-kick style of Frank Lampard free kick.

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