Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Jobs for Women in the World

GET dream job and salary in accordance with the passion that meets all the needs of course is everyone's dream. Curious? It's her 10 best jobs for women in 2012.

1. Graduate teaching
Not only the women reported high levels of satisfaction in this work, the average annual income of graduate teaching is high. For teachers of foreign languages ​​and literature, their annual revenues of approximately USD59 thousand, or approximately Rp538 million and amounted to approximately 94 thousand or Rp857 million for law professors. Income well above the average income of households in the U.S..

2. Anthropologist
Revenue per job year to 54 thousand USD or approximately Rp492 million per year. Work as an anthropologist is projected to increase 28 percent in the future.

3. Marine experts
As an oceanographer, you will earn per year USD72.800 approximately equivalent to Rp664 million.

4. Manager of Natural Sciences
The median income for women who want to pursue this profession USD116.020 is approximately equivalent to Rp1 billion per year. In the future, this work is expected to grow by 15 percent.

5. Priestess
Based on the research conducted, Shatkin says, the comfort level of women in work were measured from the level of contribution to community work. So do not be surprised when the results of the survey showed, which may help explain why women love to work as a priest. For revenue per year could reach USD43.970 pastor or approximately Rp400 million.

6. Officer Survey
Her work as a surveyor, you can earn an average salary per year of USD54.880 or the cost of Rp500 million.

7. CEO
According to his research, the profession as a CEO to finish seventh in the 10 best jobs for women. The study showed that women also like autonomy granted to them as a boss.

CEO has a high satisfaction rate among women and the average salary per year with an incredible amount, ie USD165 thousand or Rp1, 5 billion. This profession also is on the annual list ForbesWoman about the best paying jobs for women.

8. Geoscientist
Work as a geoscientist earned revenues USD82.500 or worth Rp752 million per year.

9. Medical professionals (general practitioners, specialist doctors, and psychologists)
The annual income for medical professionals ranging from USD95 thousand (Rp866 million) to USD166 thousand (Rp1 billion), depending on the specialization doctor. Projected, this work will grow by 9-22 per cent in the next few years.

10. Aircraft Technician
Work as a aircraft technician will earn on average per year, or approximately Rp889 million USD97.500.

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