Monday, September 10, 2012

Forgotten Place in the World

At the time these buildings is the pride of the world because of the great and magnificent. Call it the grandeur Rubjerg Lighthouse built in Denmark in height in the 1900s. But what happens now. This lighthouse is now the only remaining sand sunset shoots menara.Atau a church in Mexico are standing in a sea of lava. How so? There are still other buildings have a unique history, pathetic, but now all of a distant memory.

1. Lighthouse Sunset in the Ocean Sand
Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Jutland Denmark, began operation on December 27, 1900 (construction began in 1899). This lighthouse is located on a cliff top Lonstrup Klint, 60 meters above sea level. This lighthouse operated until 1908, at a gas plant, and on August 1, 1968, ceased operations. Today the lighthouse has become a giant sand dunes. And once the lighthouse is an icon which is located at an altitude of. Erosion over the years make it erodes buildings and in ruins. Yet it still looks glorious past.

2. Ghost City of San Zhi
The area is called San Zhi. It is not known the name of the architect as construction was ordered by the government to some local companies. Initially, the buildings were designed for luxury tourist Taipei symbolizes a prosperous and rich. But now the situation is reversed. The buildings had to place tourism has turned into a strange and haunted. Many strange events rumored to happen there.
As a result, none of the travelers want to visit there, especially for a holiday, local newspapers said there were a lot of accidents during construction, and as news spread to the island's inhabitants, so they are afraid to come there. Locals say the area is now haunted by the spirits of the workers who died curious useless there. It makes those who had managed to survive, eventually fled the area. Eventually it became a tourist town empty.

3. The "American Star"
One of the most remarkable on record shipwrecks, American SS stranded off the coast of the Canary Islands, after the storm broke towlines and dragging a tug boat near the coast of Morocco. After being stranded on the beach, in the American stomach split in two, and finally the stern sank.
There's an interesting note about the ship. After the ship was stranded, locals then stripped out. In fact it is said, a lot of furniture in homes made from pieces of the giant ship potingan.

4. Construction Crane buried in Ice Sheet
In the mid-1960s, ITT built power transmission lines on Antarctica. Transmission towers stood 115 feet. As you can see in this photo, all except the tower as high as 40 feet are now buried in the ice, and the cranes used to build the tower was completely covered by ice Not only transmission towers being buried, but also its own Antarctic research station. Old Byrd Station has been closed and buried in a pile of ice 40-50 meters.

5. The church that stands on lava ocean
On February 20, 1943, a volcano suddenly erupted in the state of Michoacan Mexico, and spent two villages with hot lava and ashes. And, 64 years after the massive eruption that, there is nothing left of the two villages were destroyed, in addition to a tower of the church of San Juan Parangaricutiro. This is the only marker that used to be in the region once the two villages. San Juan church towers stand tall in a sea of lava. Church of San Juan to look horrible and haunted as if from nowhere anta country. Volcanic eruptions, and hot lava flowing into the surrounding area and cover ¾ of the city. Under the remaining remnants of lava that houses and buildings buried city, and its inhabitants.

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