Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrities who have been victims of rape

They feel shame and fear due to the sexual abuse they experienced. Feelings are not only owned by those from the general public, but among the celebrity world also hold it for some time. But that feeling can not be suppressed simply because it adversely affects the life to come.

Billie Holiday
Billie life's journey is not sweet, well before he became a famous singer or since. At the age of 10 years, Billie had experienced the most bitter and hated throughout life, at a very young age she was raped by a man named Wilbert Rich neighbors themselves. Lecherous man was caught by the mother Billie, and reported to the police. Rapists spend 3 months in jail due to his actions against Billie.

Fiona Apple
At the age of 12 years when Fiona sexually abused. As he was walking home from school to aparteman mother. Even on an occasion of an interview conducted by the media, in light of publicly Fiona tells him the bitter events of trauma in his childhood. Fiona found that the only reason that makes the telling and the name of the rapist, to provide positive support to other rape victims to keep it vibrant and low self-esteem. Later, bitter experience that inspired the song "Sullen Girl" and "The Child is Gone."

Fran Drescher
This beautiful actress was not spared from the trauma of abuse that happened in January 1985. At that moment two armed robbers entered the apartment Fran and Jacob in Los Angeles, USA. When one of the robbers was busy looking for the stolen goods, another person raped Fran and her friend. Jacobson (husband Fran), no doubt from the harsh treatment of the robbers, he was tied up and forced to witness scenes of rape committed against his wife and her friend.

As a result of this robbery and rape, Fran traumatized and takes a long time to recover. But he managed to make the negative effect it becomes bitter events in a positive spirit. In his book, "Cancer Schmancer," Fran said: "My whole life turned a negative into a positive." While the rapist who was serving his parole, should return in prison and punishable by 2 times life sentence.

Teri Hatcher
The actress who is popular for his appearance in the television series "Desperate Housewives", Teri Hatcher told the story of his life bitter openly in an interview in Vanity Fair in March 2006. He told VF that he had sexually tortured by her uncle, Richard Hayes Stone. As it happened he was 5 years old. Due to the events that happened, little Teri had locked himself over the past few years. He never spoke of the bitter events that happened to others, until one day he was looking at one of the victims 14-year-old Hayes committed suicide. Teri accompanied by the Prosecutor then give incriminating testimony the uncle. As a result of these actions, the uncle had been in prison for 14 years. Teri now active in an organization that aims to encourage rape victims to live positively and not look down on themselves.

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