Thursday, September 20, 2012

What will happen if

What will happen if the earth had a diameter twice as big? If the diameter of the Earth which is 2-fold to about 16,000 miles, the mass of the planet will increase 8 times, and the force of gravity on the planet will be 2 times more powerful. All the plants and animals that currently exist will collapse under its own weight 2-fold, and the species will appear stocky.

What will happen if no other species more technologically advanced than humans? If the earth has another species as a maker of technology as we are, we might be locked in a constant battle for supremacy. If, after hundreds of thousands of years no one wins, we will begin to require separate power sources, and will be to ignore or not greet each other.

What will happen if Giant Asteroid not destroy the Dinosaur? If the asteroid that came millions of years ago are not so into the earth, dinosaurs still rule the earth likely. According to the data, dinosaurs dominated for 160 million years before the Earth was cleaned by a meteor. Researchers have speculated that intelligence "dinosauroids" may have evolved in humans, based on a relatively large brain size may appear trodontid species, a bird-like predator.

What will happen if if everyone on Earth jumped at the same time? If all 7 billion of us crowded close together and jump, we'll make the earth move only one hundredth of the radius of a single atom per second. When they landed, the earth will move back in place.

What will happen if there is no moon in the earth? Pairs of sea water produced by the moon formed when the moon orbiting close to earth. Without it, life may never appear, or living will have a very different behavior patterns to cope with the day and extreme climate change that will be there in a moonless earth.

What will happen if humans had eyes like a hawk?
If you can move your eyes like a hawk, you can see an ant crawling on the ground from the roof of a 10 story building. You can see the facial expressions of the basketball players' bench farthest from the arena though. Objects directly in line with your line of sight will be displayed enlarged, and everything will be a lighter color.

What will happen if you shoot a gun in space? The weapon can be fired at the sky, and this allows for all kinds of scenarios that make no sense. If you were in a vacuum between galaxies, pull the trigger and the bullet will send you out of its original position towards the target forever. If you shoot a gun in the solar system, you'll be stuck bullets in the direction of the sun or any of the giant planets. And if you shoot a gun in the direction of the horizon while standing on a mountain on the moon, theoretically, you'll shoot yourself in the back.

What will happen if Swallowed Gum? Chewing gum is generally the same as the usual sweets we eat chewing gum ingredients used are also made from sweeteners, artificial colorings and flavorings, just like regular candy ingredients. Semntara rubber material on gum is made from a mixture of elastomers, resins, fats, emulsifiers, and wax. So what kart candy can be digested if swallowed? Because the material is essentially the same as regular candy gum must be digested by the intestines if swallowed, but it takes a long time to digest chewing gum for colon can not be easily mecerna rubber. At least it took two to three days for the intestines to menceran gum to be removed from the body through the final process.

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